Why Bath?

We’ve proven our concept in Bristol, so now, we're coming to Bath!

Check out these mouth-watering offerings…

It was really nice to meet you, Bath!

You might have seen us at the Great Bath Feast – it was great getting to know some of you! We learnt so much by speaking to so many people that showed a genuine interest in what we are doing.

For many of you, it was your first-time hearing about us – And for those that don’t know…

Since we first launched in Bristol, we have found some really talented home-cooks from every corner of the city. By bringing them together with local people, they have been able to sell their home-cooked treats with huge success.

So, where better to expand to, than with our friendly neighbour - Bath!

With a bustling independent food scene and a wonderfully supportive community, we think that coming to Bath will be a great next step in connecting people through food. Plenty of great home-cooks and hungry mouths to feed makes Bath the ideal goldmine of untapped, home-grown talent!

We understand that gifted cooks aren’t just based in restaurants in the city centre. There is a whole host of great home-cooks living down your road and in your neighbourhood – they just need a way of finding you, and you, them.

We’ve already managed to find some incredibly talented home-cooks in Bath. Ready to start selling their food to the people of Bath in the coming days are Russell and Quelley, cooking fantastic Filipino food, and Mahesh with his incredible Indian curries!


Russell and Quelley have joined us to sell their amazing Filipino dishes (they really are amazing, trust us, we tried them!)

You won’t be able to help but smile like Mahesh when you try his authentic Indian thali.

We’re always on the lookout for new cooks. If you’re in the area and have family members or friends that are great home-cooks – let us know about them.

And when we say home-cooks, we mean HOME-cooks…

By ordering through us, whether you’re ordering with Russell and Quelley, or Mahesh, your food is cooked by home-cooks in their own kitchens – supporting talented people in your neighbourhood who have a real passion for cooking.

We’ve already shown that it can be done!

We are an ambitious bunch of bananas at All About The Cooks – our ultimate goal is to bring people together through food. We want everyone to be able to enjoy home-cooked food, made by talented cooks in your local community, wherever that might be.

Having already taken 1000+ orders and paid £35k+ to our cooks in Bristol, we have not only proven our concept – we have proven that there is a real appetite for local, home-cooked food.

Now, if we are to complete our mission of bringing communities together through home-cooked food – while putting money directly in the pockets of those who make it in the process – then we need to introduce ourselves to new people.

And, just like anyone who joins a new city, we need to get to know you...

So, if you are based in Bath and love sharing your food with your friends and family, or if you would like to taste the food that your neighbours have to offer, then we want to get to know you!

We’re really excited to see what Bath has to offer. So, whether you are a cook or someone that enjoys food, we have got some mouth-watering offerings to get you started with us.

If you’re a food lover, you get 25% off your first order when you register to stay updated about our bath launch!                                                                                                                           

We’re also giving new cooks a special offer: 0% commission for the first two months when you sell your home-cooked treats through us. That means 100% of what you sell goes in your pocket!

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