Refuge Week 2023
For Refugee Week 2023, we look at how we're making it easier for talented cooks from refugee and migrant backgrounds to enter the food industry!

What is Refugee Week 2023?

Starting on 19th June, Refugee Week 2023 “enables people who have sought safety in the UK to share their experiences, perspectives and creative work on their own terms“. 

This year, the theme of refugee week is compassion. More specifically, what compassion looks like in action – something we feel our business embodies!

We are fortunate to work with a number of talented cooks from refugee and migrant backgrounds, and Refugee Week is the perfect time to celebrate this connection.

It’s also a great time to shed some light on our highly valued collaboration with ACH (Ashley Community & Housing), a non-for-profit organisation which is doing an incredible job “building a better future for refugees and migrants in the UK”.

Refugee Week - Nesrin

Our collaboration with ACH

Refugee Week 2023 - ACH Collaboration

ACH enables refugees and migrants to access opportunities and support that empowers them to enjoy fulfilling lives in their new surroundings. So far, they have helped over 1000 people achieve their goals in the four cities where they operate (Bristol, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry). 

Recently, All About The Cooks have been working with ACH to empower individuals with aspirations to work in the food industry by getting them set up with profiles on our online marketplace. So far, we have helped three aspiring food business entrepreneurs to start selling food from their own kitchens – Nesrin, Salha and Navid.

We were also invited to run a ‘Food Photography and Social Media’ workshop to some keen ACH service users, showing them the benefits of taking attractive food photos, and introducing them to the concept of All About The Cooks. We got a great reception, with three more ACH members registering their interest to become home-cooks!

As we continue to work with ACH, we hope we can enable more individuals to sell their food through our platform and make money on their own terms.

Hear from Salha and Nesrin

Salha in Redcliffe, Bristol

Refugee Week - Salha

Salha is a Sudanese home-cook in Redcliffe, Bristol (BS1). She cooks a wide selection of traditional Sudanese recipes inherited from her father.

Since joining All About The Cooks in March 2023, Salha has gone from strength to strength, taking in large orders for events as well as individual orders through the platform.

When talking about her experience on the platform, Salha says: “They set up my profile for me and took photos of my food. They organised the website for me which was so helpful.”

“All of my customers order through the platform and I get lots of good feedback!”

"All About The Cooks makes my life happier, and it's really easy to work with them. My clients especially find it really easy to order."

Salha- ACH service user

Refugee Week - Salha
Nesrin profile picture

Nesrin in Old Market, Bristol

Nesrin profile picture

Originally from Cairo, Nesrin joined All About The Cooks in March 2023. She cooks a variety of dishes such as Egypt’s National Dish called Kosheri, Bamya – an Okra Stew – and many more…

Nesrin started cooking at her family home when her mother became ill and was unable to cook so would only accept to eat food prepared by Nesrin and her sister!

Nesrin says that “All About The Cooks are really helpful and supportive. It was my first step for selling on a website. They even helped with allergen stickers.”

“They are incredible and help me with every step of the way. A big thank you to Izzy, Claire and the entire team for their support.”

All About The Cooks is the best way for anyone to start a food business, and they really put a lot into promoting it!

Nesrin- ACH service user

If you can see yourself as one of our talented home-cooks, and want to make a bit of money with a side hustle, or just as a hobby, become a cook by clicking the button below!

Or you can have a look at what Salha, Nesrin and Navid – or any of our other home-cooks are selling near you!

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