FEBRUARY 6th, 2024

Make money cooking from home with All About The Cooks

You can now sell your homemade food wherever you are in the UK.

Our successful launch in Bristol has shown us that people LOVE to buy homemade food made by local people. Now it’s possible for even more people to be part of the food revolution as home-cooks throughout the United Kingdom can join All About The Cooks and start selling their food to their community.

What is All About the Cooks?

Often described as “Etsy for food”, All About The Cooks makes it easy for home-cooks to sell their food to local people. Claire Ladkin – who founded the platform – says: ‘It’s like having your own website. Our cooks send their customers to their All About The Cooks page to choose, order and pay for their food. They have everything they need all in one place. No more back and forth on social media, WhatsApp groups and so on, or chasing up payments.”

We were recently the runners-up in the 2023 BBC Food & Farming Awards for the category ‘Community Food Champion’, and this video which went out on BBC Morning Live tells our story really well.

Who can join?

Woei from Masterchef has cjoined All About The Cooks to sell his Malaysian cuisine from home

Anyone with a talent for cooking is welcome! 

Are you the sort of person who loves to make food for others? Now you can make money doing something you love and are good at! Having welcomed hundreds of cooks to the platform, we know there are many ways that our cooks fit their food businesses into their lives.

All our cooks LOVE to cook and get great pleasure from other people’s enjoyment of their food. Some of our cooks take it very seriously and take thousands of pounds per month. Others are very happy to make a few cakes each month and earn a little extra.

Most of our home-cooks do this for all sorts of reasons, and many are actually a combination of several! Which do think you’ll be? 

Passion cook

Your kitchen is your happy place. You love to share your food, and the stories that go with it, with other people. It brings you joy to see them enjoy it.

Social seller

If you are already selling your food through social media, Whatsapp and so on, you’ll know how chaotic it can be to keep track of orders and payments. Make your life easier by sending all your customers to one place.

Food entrepreneur

Your dream is to have your own food business and All About The Cooks can be a stepping stone towards having your food brand, street food stall, or even a restaurant.

Work in food flexibly

You really want to work in the food industry, but evening and weekend work doesn’t fit with other parts of your life, for all sorts of reasons.


You have a day job but would love something fun to run alongside it, like a hobby but that earns you money.

Personal mission

Perhaps you are a Kimchi or Sourdough fanatic and want to share it with the world? Or maybe you want to show that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour.

So, how does it work?

We have created a really easy-to-use website which takes the pain out of selling your food. We guide you through the onboarding process, at a pace to suit you, with help and advice available one-to-one or through online guidance and resources.

We’ll help you find your first customers and we’ll be the place you send them to choose, order and pay for their food. It’s just like having your own website but without the hassle and expense. All your orders and messages will come through one source and you’ll know that everything has been paid for upfront. There’s no chasing up cash or checking for bank transfers.

It’s free to join. We only take a small commission from your orders but we give you the first 2 months free of charge to get you settled in. You can find the full details on our ‘Become a Cook’ page.

By joining us, you will spend more time cooking and less on admin. You’ll also get access to our community of like-minded cooks providing tips and support, plus access to our online toolkit with advice on how to promote your business.

If you love what we do...

Join All About The Cooks here! Whatever your food dream is, you can take the first step to start your food business today.  Sell your food in a way that fits around your life and be part of the movement to revolutionise the way we eat at home!

Can you recommend a friend?

We all know someone who’s great at cooking something, right? They probably get told “Your food is SO good, you should sell it!”. Send them the picture below with a few words of encouragement. A little nudge is sometimes all it takes. They’ll be so pleased you helped them take the first steps towards their food dream. 

Make money cooking from home with All About The Cooks

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