our story

making food real again 

Wherever you go in the world, sharing good, home-cooked, food has a special place in all our hearts and traditions. We come together to eat for nourishment, for family time, for friendship, to root ourselves in our culture and to celebrate. Its an act of love and communication – a gift that nurtures.

At All About the Cooks we are driven by two guiding principals – Firstly that, for all sorts of reasons, whenever possible, we should try to eat REAL food cooked in kitchens, not products made in factories.

And secondly, we understand the frustration of wasted talent. This is particularly true for talented home-cooks, who have almost no opportunity to sell their food.

Now, more than ever, we want the food we eat to be a conscious choice. We care where it comes from and the stories behind it. We want our food real, and an authentic experience. 

Its not always easy to make that happen so we compromise… All About the Cooks brings a new option to the table.