become a cook

All About the Cooks makes its easy for talented home-cooks to sell the food they make in their own homes

Are you the sort of person who loves to cook and share your food? Perhaps your friends tell you that you should do Bake Off? Or maybe you’ve already started doing a bit of cooking for friends’ events or for fundraising?

You might have cooked for a ski season or have a great idea for a food product you’d like to develop? Maybe you are the person who always makes friends’ birthday cakes? Or loves to connect with your roots through sharing the food you grew up with?

You might even already work in the food industry but want to make some extra money and cook your own food, on your terms.

We are on the hunt for more Home Cook Heroes and we’d love to hear from you. For now we are just in the Bristol area, but we plan to grow quickly to other areas. Send us a message and we’ll be in touch when we come close to you. 

next steps

If you’d like to know more about becoming a cook, and how it might work for you specifically, we’d love to meet you for a chat – ideally in person, but otherwise on Zoom. We can talk you through the business and get to know a little bit about what makes you tick, and the food you love to cook. 

What you cook can make a big difference to the way you run your All About the Cooks page. We can help and advise you about that. We can also provide you with the tools you need to go about registering with your local Council as  home-cook, and where to go for Food Safety advice. 

We’ll work together to create your Profile Page, and give you tips on how to prepare your food listings. 

You’ll need some good quality photographs of you in your kitchen, for your Profile Page, and of the food you want to sell. We can help with this too, if necessary.

any questions?

Q. Are there any special requirements to become a cook?

Yes. Most importantly, you need to cook delicious food and be passionate about home-cooking.

All our cooks have to register with the Local Authority, which means you can be inspected to achieve a hygiene rating, but you can continue to cook and sell your food in the meantime. Once you are inspected, we expect you to achieve a 4* or 5* rating. We also expect all cooks to have passed their Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene.

You will need to speak and read/write English well enough to understand the process, and communicate clearly with buyers, especially around allergens and delivery/collection arrangements. You could get someone to help you with this but it is very important.

The food you cook and sell through All About the Cooks will automatically be insured, but, once you are up and running, you might like to think about the extra security of having your own insurance.

We’d also like to meet you for an informal chat, ideally at our office in Bristol.

Q. How will shoppers find me and my food?

Once you become a cook through our platform you’ll have the opportunity to create your own Cook Profile Page. This is where you can share your story; a bit about you, what inspires you, your signature dishes and why you cook what you do. People aren’t just buying food, they are buying YOUR food, and the stories behind it.

Using location and a range of filters, people will discover your Cook Profile Page and buy your food. It’s as simple as that!

People will also want to see pictures of your food, and we’ll help you to take photographs to make your food really appetizing and delicious.

Q. What can I cook?

The things you do best. Whatever you love to cook and people love to eat.

Q. What about Delivery or Collection?

Well, this is also up to you to decide what is best for you, and the food you cook. Customers could collect from your home or you might choose to deliver it yourself – you can charge a little extra for that if you choose to. We can connect you to third party if you’d like us to. This sort of information should be included on your profile page.

Q. How do I manage when I cook?

This will also be included in your profile page. You might choose to cook on a regular day and deliver the next. Or you may just want to take the week off. We understand that some of our cooks will be fitting it around other things going on in their lives, so its important that they can be very flexible – that’s one of the great things about being one of the AATC cooks – the power is in your hands!

Q. Who sets the price of the food?

Your creations, your price! It’s up to you what you charge for your food, although do remember that we will take some commission.

Q. Are there any costs in being an AATC cook?

No, there are no direct costs, although we will deduct commission to cover our costs and to make sure you are adequately insured. So your costs relate to how much you sell.

Q. How do I get paid?

People will pay for the food when they order on the website. Once we know its been received by a happy customer, we’ll process the payment to be made to you by bank transfer as soon as possible, ideally within a week.

Q. What about packaging?

When you start you’ll be provided with All About the Cooks stickers and will need to identify the allergens present each dish from a list on the sticker – a friendly hand-written message for the customer would also be nice.