International Womens Day
It's International Women's Day 2023! Meet a few of our many amazing female cooks!

Why we're celebrating International Women's Day...

Empowering people – mostly women – to earn money doing what they love is at the very heart of All About The Cooks. Our female founder, Claire Ladkin – who launched a tech start-up in her 50’s – is a champion for providing opportunities for women to follow their passions!

She says “All About The Cooks is built on a vision of a world where it is possible, easy even, to buy delicious home-cooked food from talented local people. In addition to this, we recognise that food is a catalyst which brings people together and enables them to meet and understand each other better.”

Claire, founder of All About The Cooks

90% of cooks on our online marketplace are women, and there are many reasons why All About The Cooks platform is well-suited to them.

Whether they want to make money through a side-hustle, need help integrating into a new community, or simply enjoy cooking as a hobby – they can use the platform to fit in selling their home-cooked food around the rest of their lives.

Claire says “I have experienced the frustration of wasted talent… I knew that there were people out there who love to cook, but the idea and cost of setting up and running their own micro-business from home was overwhelming.”

“I wanted to enable them to sell their food from home in a way that fits in around their lives, unlocking their talent and passion for their food as well as enabling them to earn money doing something they love.”

Meet some of the women making money selling home-cooked food and discover some of the many different reasons why All About The Cooks works for them:

Meet some of our amazing female cooks...

Nesrin, Old Market

Nesrin profile picture

Meet our lovely Egyptian cook, Nesrin. Originally from Cairo, Nesrin arrived in the UK in 2018. We first met Nesrin at Co-exist Community Kitchen – a non-for-profit cookery school in Easton, where she was finessing her cooking skills! 

Having initially learnt how to cook from her mother and sister, Nesrin started to cook more after moving to the UK – and with the help of Ashley Community & Housing (ACH) and Co-Exist Kitchen, Nesrin has recently joined All About The Cooks.

Now living in Old Market, Nesrin loves cooking her traditional Egyptian dishes – we LOVE her Koshari dish! She’s excited to sell her home-cooked food with All About The Cooks and plans to create a business with her husband.

Priscilla, Clifton


An accomplished baker, Priscilla is originally from Brazil and moved to France at the age of 18, becoming her home country. In 2013, she then moved to Bristol which gave her a chance to raise her three children here and change her career path!

When she’s not baking Brazilian, French and other recipes from around the world, she’s happily juggling her other jobs – being a mother to three children, working as a freelance Portuguese translator/interpreter, and part time as a French senior administrator at a German company.

Priscilla loves being a cook on All About The Cooks because, as she says, it’s the “perfect job” for someone like her who “needs and likes flexibility” – while doing one of the things that she loves most!


Anne, Hotwells

This is Anne. You won’t have met a woman who does nearly as much as Anne. She is a full-time lawyer alongside working part-time for Bristol University, helping with the new campus development. 

You might think that’s a lot in itself, but it doesn’t stop there – Anne is also a consultant; a trainee pilates instructor; an open water swimmer; runner; skier; gardener and – baker! 

For her, being a cook on All About The Cooks provides the perfect opportunity for her to do another thing that she loves alongside her other activities. She says “bread just sits and does its thing while I am working – its like magic! It requires very little attention from me but it’s always there for me when I have time to attend it”.

If you can see yourself as one of our talented home-cooks, and want to make a bit of money with a side hustle, or just as a hobby, become a cook by clicking the button below!

Or you can have a look at what Nesrin, Priscilla and Anne – or any of our other home-cooks are selling near you!

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