We have been recognised as one of many organisations contributing to a better food system in Bristol!

What is Bristol Good Food 2030 ?

It’s an exciting time to be part of All About The Cooks! Not only are we about to expand to our second city, Bath – we have also been recognised as one of many organisations contributing to a better food system in Bristol!

With the support of Bristol City Council, Bristol Food Network are bringing together different members of the local ‘good food movement’ by forming the Bristol Good Food Partnership – something that we are excited to be part of! 

The partnership is split into six themes. Each of these themes focusses on a different area – but together, they make up a ‘whole food system’ approach. These themes include:

  • Food Fairness
  • Eating Better
  • Food Waste
  • Good Food Governance
  • Local Food Economy
  • Urban Growing


By addressing these themes, Bristol Food Network are attempting to transform food in Bristol by 2030

So, how exactly do we contribute to Bristol’s good food movement?

Local Food Economy

We do more than just provide a space for people to enjoy home-cooked food – We provide a platform for passionate home-cooks to earn money on their own terms, within their local community, without the expenses typically associated with selling restaurant quality food.

Because of our low commission rates, our cooks keep almost all of the money they earn – this means that more money is exchanged within communities, keeping it out of the hands of larger food service monopolies.

On top of this, we encourage charities and non-for-profits to raise funds by selling food on our platform for 0% commission – making their money go further.

Eating Better

By providing a place for people within towns and cities to enjoy the food that their neighbours have to offer, we are creating the time, space and opportunity for individuals to prepare and share food within their communities!

Ensuring that specially talented home-cooks are able to make money doing what they love, we are empowering individuals to use their skills within their communities – And when individuals are empowered to use their knowledge and skills to cook and share food, families and communities are stronger.

We will continue to advocate for and promote the value of real home-cooked food made by real people in their kitchens, rather than impersonal products made in factories – elevating the role of home-cooking and home-cooks.

It doesn't stop there...

Not only are we providing access to good food opportunities and enabling people to share their food within communities, we’re also making sure that huge amounts of energy aren’t being used in transporting frozen food across the country when ordered!

Any food you order from All About The Cooks is prepared on a small scale, from within your local community, by real home-cooks who have a true passion for doing what they do.

In addition to this, our cooks only make food when they get an order. That means our cooks will only spend money on using energy when they know that they will be making money through selling their food!

The idea of All About The Cooks was conceived years ago, but, considering the cost of living crisis we are headed into – there has never been a more important time to support local home-cooks to make money by doing what they love.

Shalimar and Liam

Ordering Through Us

If you want to support your local community and make a positive impact on the planet, then why not enter your postcode here and order with a local home-cook near you – it could be a family mealtime, a hassle-free date night, or even catering for a larger event!

Once you’ve made your order, you can organise when to collect it directly with the cook, meeting them in person when you collect – How great is that?!

Whatever it is that you’re ordering, you’ll be able to do it resting assured that you’ve made the choice to support your local community, the planet… and your tastebuds.

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