We’ve launched in Bath!

The day has finally come!

Hello Bath, it's good to be here.

After lots of hard work behind the scenes – we are finally able to bring All About the Cooks to it’s second new city! 

From Monday, Bath residents have the opportunity to get their hands on home-cooked food, cooked by talented people in their neighbourhood! 

To mark the special occasion, we invited some of our friends (Lydia Tewkesbury – Bath Life, Noya Pawlyn – Noya’s Kitchen,  Martin Evans – BBC Radio Bristol), to a townhouse on Charlotte Street to enjoy a three-course meal made by some of our wonderful Bath cooks – Russel and Quelly, Mahesh, and Dino. 

We wanted our guests to experience what All About The Cooks is like to use, so we set them up with a dinner party. They were able to meet the cooks that made their food which made the experience a whole lot more special for everyone involved.

And this is how it went…


First Course - made by Russel and Quelly​​


Russel and Quelly prepared some incredible Filipino starters from their home near Combe Down to provide our guests with their first course of the night. 

They cooked a selection of starters, including (our guests favourite of the first course) steamed pork siomai, battered quail eggs and veggie spring rolls, alongside an an assortment of different sauces and dips that blew our taste buds away!

All hands were on deck as Russel and Quelly presented their course to our guests and it was smiles all round from both Russel and Quelly, and those sat at the table.

In the kitchen, while the starters were being enjoyed upstairs, Russel introduced us to his technique for eating spring rolls. Maximising flavour is obviously essential, so he showed us how he he makes sure to get the sauce all through the spring roll (something that we will always do from now on).

Main Course - made by Mahesh


Next up was Mahesh’s flavoursome Indian main course – a thali, consisting of cashew and panner curries, a lentil dahl, alongside rice and chapattis.

Prepared from his home kitchen near Walcot, Mahesh presented his food to our excited guests with an infectious smile – guests who were made even more hungry from smelling his amazing curries as they were being prepared in between courses!

After meeting our guests and having a chat, he headed back down to the kitchen, where his leftovers were shared among Russel, Quelly and the rest of the team (As you can probably tell, this was my favourite time!).

Dessert - made by Dino


The final course of the night was provided by Dino, who specialises in Balkan cuisine. He provided our guests with his Croation rožata, sweet and sticky balklava a sumptuous sour cherry strudel.

Unfortunately, Dino couldn’t be there in person to present his desserts to our guests, but that did not take away from their enjoyment of the final course by any means. 

His desserts served as a really impressive end to a truly incredible meal, made by some incredibly talented home-cooks in their kitchens.

As the meal came to an end, and we had all had our fair share of the amazing food that was available, our wonderful cooks came up to the table one final time to a round of applause from our guests – a moment that truly was All About The Cooks.

We're excited to get cooking in Bath!

Our cooks are not only dazzlingly skilled at home-cooking – they LOVE doing it!

By providing a space for talented home-cooks to sell their food online, we can give supply them with the opportunity to make money on their own terms, doing what they love, all the while making connections through the food that they make.

So far, Bath seems to be full of people that crave truly tasty home-cooked food, as well as people that love to cook it… but we’re always on the lookout for more!

Whether you’re a food lover wanting to find locally home-cooked food, or a talented home-cook wanting to sell your creations to your local neighbourhood, All About The Cooks can help.

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