We’re coming to Bath

We're thrilled to announce our new city launch in Bath, and are on the hunt for talented home-cooks to be a part of the journey

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Thank you Bristol, and welcome Bath

Ever since we launched the pilot phase of All About The Cooks in Bristol, we have been overwhelmed with the way Bristol people have welcomed us into their homes and discovered more about the people who live near them, through food.

There have been some amazing highlights – from winning awards to seeing one of our cooks go on to open his own restaurant.

But this is just the beginning…

Having proved our concept, (yes, people really do want to buy and sell real, delicious, home-cooked food within their communities) we have raised investment and are now ready to take All About The Cooks to other cities too.

We are driven by the vision of a world where it is possible to buy home-cooked food from local people, wherever you are. And where talented people can make themselves some money doing something they love, from their own home and fitting it around their lives. 

Bath is the perfect next city for us. We’ve already received a few enquiries from potential cooks. And we know how much Bath people love their food… 

"It’s an area with a rich food culture, access to local produce nearby, and people who care about independence and community."

So, first of all, we are on the look out for talented home-cooks…. Whether you are sharing your story through the food you cook, are an aspiring chef or the person who makes all the tasty treats for your colleagues and friends. We want to hear from you.

We know that our talented home-cooks are often quite modest about their abilities, so, feel free to nominate them – we all know someone who is great at cooking something, right?

If you’re more into eating home-cooked food Secondly, then check out what cooks are near you in Bath by clicking here!

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