What’s next for All About The Cooks?

After a successful first investment round with Crowdcube this spring, the team looks ahead to the rest of 2022 and into next year with some ambitious plans for the growth of the platform, in Bristol and beyond.

We’ve been seeing a lot of new faces around here recently – from customers, to potential cooks and followers. We are always so humbled when people discover who we are and what we’re doing, and love it as much as we do. Growing our online audience and community is an important part of the mission, because it means more people discovering delicious food being cooked on their doorstep, which means more money changing hands within real communities.

For those of you that are new around here, All About The Cooks is an online marketplace for trusted home-cooks to sell their delicious home-cooked food to local people. Our mission is to make it easy to eat ‘real food by real people’, and we’re hugely ambitious about making it happen, wherever you are in the world.

What have we been up to?

A fair amount of our recent exposure has been a result of our first crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, which we launched back in March. With proof of concept achieved (having already taken 950+ orders and paid over £35k+ to our cooks), we have raised investment to help grow the business in the next year, and given our community the chance to own a share of All About The Cooks. 

With lead investment from global recipe sharing platform, Cookpad, and hundreds of people from Crowdcube investing in All About The Cooks, we reached our minimum target on the second day of going live with our Crowdfund. After a thrilling month of sharing our story with new people, we were delighted to reach 120% of our target from over 200 investors. 

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“We are fiercely ambitious for this business. I said right at the beginning, 'go big, or go home'. The money we raise will help us build a great team, and improve our technology and systems to make us fit for our growth journey ahead... But, most importantly, those things will enable us to achieve these great milestones: launching in 6 new cities in 12 months, recruiting 250 new cooks within the next year and enabling more money to change hands within more communities.”

So, what's next?

This investment round will enable us to build robust systems, technology and a brilliant team for continued growth. Our next step is to launch in 6 new cities within the next year, building strong communities by enabling normal people to turn their talent into a side hustle. We’ve already received a significant number of responses from home-cooks all across the UK who are eager for us to launch in their home City, which is really exciting. Bristol was the perfect fit for our launch, but we’re now ready to reach new places and people who are as passionate about good food as we are. 

Cooks, cooks and more cooks!

If you’re a keen home-cook who would love to make some money doing what you love – wherever you are in the UK – we’d love to hear from you. Your city could be our next location for connecting talented home-cooks with hungry locals. We want to welcome 250+ more cooks onto the platform within the next year, before becoming available nationwide.

Join us on our mission to make it possible to buy home-cooked food from local people, wherever you are in the world by registering your interest as a home-cook today.

Building a strong team for growth

To enable us to launch in six new cities we are recruiting great people across operations, tech, finance and marketing so that we can improve our technology and prepare for growth.

Recruiting a strong marketing department to join our team is our first crucial first step. We have just opened applications for two new positions, so if you’re interested in marketing, food and technology then get in touch. 


Looking to the future

All About The Cooks makes it easy to buy home-cooked food made by talented local people. We are on a mission to make that possible wherever you are. 


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