Love cooking and looking for a good New Year’s resolution in 2023? We’ve got one!

new year's resolution
If you like cooking, we have a New Year's resolution that you'll love!

Make 2023 your year

Do you remember that time someone said that your food was good enough to sell? Maybe it was a brownie, a curry or a special family recipe… Whatever it was, it was GOOD!… 

But you stopped for some reason. Life got in the way. It could be that the cost of living has increased to such a degree that it would be a waste of money. That fleeting feeling, that you could start making your food regularly, faded… and you’re scrolling the internet for a New Year’s resolution. 

Well here we are, telling you to do it again – And, this time, make some money selling it

Yes, that’s correct. We think the person who told you it was good enough to sell is right. We think you SHOULD sell it. But where could you start? 

There’s no better time to start than with a New year’s resolution, and there’s no better place to do it that with All About the Cooks!

What is All About the Cooks?

We are an online market place enabling talented home-cooks (like you) to sell their home-cooked food to local people (like them👇)

New Year's resolution

How does it work?

Its simple! 

Your profile and personalised menu will appear on our website 🧑‍💻

A customer that likes the look of your food puts in an order💰

You then arrange a date for collection (or delivery), do your magic from your home kitchen… 🧑‍🍳

…and voilà! 🎊

The customer has their incredible home-cooked food and you have been able to share your special creation (with some extra money in your pocket!)

Really?... Me?...

Would we say it if we didn’t mean it?

We think that there is a whole sea of untapped home-cooking talent hidden amongst us. We’re on a mission to unlock that potential while also pumping money back into communities in the process… And we’ve had some great success in unlocking home-grown talent! 

Since we started, we’ve put £50k+ directly into our cooks’ pockets and taken 1,100+ orders… One of our cooks, Trung, has even opened his restaurant – The Saigon Kitchen

We have an abundance of cooks all over Bristol and Bath that cook all sorts of different and interesting cuisines. You name it, we want it! – and we’ll be on the look out for more in 2023!

How can I fit it in to my life?

The answer to that question, is… however you want it to.

If you are free all day, every day of the week, then great! Equally, if you’re only free on a Tuesday evening for 1 hour, then that’s also great! 

All About the Cooks is designed to work for you, meaning that you can organise when you want to sell your food. 

You can also take a break and come back to the platform in the click of a button, meaning that you are truly free to cook whenever suits you!

So why not get out your tongs or pull out the spatula and join us as a cook as part of your New Year’s resolution in 2023!

Click the button below if you want to become a cook with us during 2023. 

Alternatively, have a look at what local home-cooks are cooking near you by clicking the button below.

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