The Saigon Kitchen: an All About The Cooks success story

The Saigon Kitchen: an All About The Cooks success story


From local fixer to home-cook

Back in 2019 when we started our search for the home-cooking heroes of Bristol, we discovered Trung Trinh on Instagram and asked if he fancied selling his Vietnamese food on our platform. He quickly said yes, and a very exciting journey began.

Living in North Bristol with his wife and son, Trung has spent most of his working life in television production – a career inherently inspired by his deep-rooted passion for Vietnamese food. Born after the Vietnamese war in a very small town by the sea in the North of Vietnam called Bai Tu Long Bay, Trung started cooking from a very young age.

“Growing up in a poor area, there were no restaurants or fancy food, except some carts that served simple street food, which meant that family mealtimes were very important. My mum taught me other skills too like how to use a knife, work an open fire, along with ways to identify and pick out the best ingredients and how to combine them to make well-balanced dishes. To make it simple, but also enjoyable. She told me cooking is one of life’s survival skills. It is very important and will stay with you all your life – the same as swimming. I’d like to introduce all Bristolians to what it is to eat fresh authentic Vietnamese foods. To taste the real Vietnam.”

And that he did...

When we launched late in 2020 Trung quickly become one of the most popular and best-selling cooks on the platform. His Friday afternoons were now spent in his home-kitchen in Horfield ahead of all his All About The Cooks collections later that evening. Taking home £4.5k+ in his first year of selling locally on the platform gave Trung the confidence that not only did people really love his food, but also that this could be more than a ‘side-hustle’.

All About The Cooks has always been about empowering talented home-cooks to earn money doing something they’re good at. But back in 2020 when our founder Claire suggested how brilliant it would be if one of our cooks set up something successful on their own in the future, we hadn’t anticipated that less than a year and a half later, Trung would be achieving his life-long dream of opening his first restaurant. The Saigon Kitchen finally opened its doors to the public this February, and Trung is now navigating a new role as a full-time restaurant owner, chef, and Dad! 

Despite now serving his food in a sit-down setting in this buzzy Zetland Road hot-spot, Trung is keen to point out that this this is still, and always will be, authentic Vietnamese home-cooking. He has great respect for his culture and the recipes which have been passed through his community, which he now has the chance to share with the hundreds of people that will walk through his restaurant door.


“We want to give people the moral support to do their own thing. All About The Cooks is about empowering people. And, even if someone ends up being a huge success on the platform and ends up moving on to set up something on their own, I would think that was massive success for us – it would be brilliant to see that happen.”

Claire Ladkin, Founder - Nov 2020

The All About The Cooks team finally had the chance to pay The Saigon Kitchen a long-awaited visit last week, and were quickly reminded of Trung’s immense pride and passion for the Vietnamese food he prepares as soon as we arrived. As we tucked into our hanoi style spring rolls and sweet and sour ‘Bun Cha’, Trung caught us up on the long but rewarding journey so far, and together we reflected on how much he had achieved in such a short space of time.

We feel hugely proud to have played a small part in helping Trung achieve his life-long food ambition of opening his own restaurant, and we want to help may more talented cooks reach their goals. There is no limit to what our home-cooks can achieve, and that is really exciting.

If you’re disappointed that you can’t order Trung’s food on our website – fear not. Trung plans to take pre-orders for his food with us again very soon, for people to collect from The Saigon Kitchen to enjoy to eat at home. Keep your eyes peeled and you can enjoy that home-cooked Vietnamese taste with us again soon.


Did you know that we’re crowdfunding?

Sharing is at the heart of everything we do at All About The Cooks, and we’d love you to share in our journey too. Now you can have your piece of the pie by becoming a shareholder of the business. 

We want to revolutionise the way we eat at home, and we’d love you to join us on the journey. If you’re keen to get involved, have a read of our pitch on Crowdcube…

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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Make some extra dough

Make some extra dough

In this current cost of living crisis, we've found a way for you to make some extra dough.

Cost of living crisis

 There’s no hiding from the staggering rise in the cost of living that is impacting millions across the nation, seeing the UK’s inflation rate rise at its fastest rate in 30 years. Unfortunately, the reality for many is that wage growth isn’t keeping up with these rising prices. The Office for National Statistics have reported that whilst wages rose between November and January, pay has still shown a 1% fall when accounting for rising costs. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has also driven costs even higher – with wholesale gas more than doubling. 

With record-breaking petrol prices, rapidly rising energy bills and our food and household goods all adding up, lots of us are left with the same question on our mind…

"How can I earn some extra money?"

Thought about pursuing a side hustle?

This rising cost of living is leaving many seeking opportunities to earn a bit of extra money on the side, now that the day job is no longer cutting it. Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular as additional work outside of the 9 to 5, allowing people to make money whilst pursuing a talent or hobby. 

Taking up a second job from your own home may be the game-changer you need to take the pressure off. The best part of pursuing a side hustle is that is can be entirely moulded around your lifestyle. Imagine doing something you love, where you choose your own hours, and you get paid – bonus! It gives you the flexibility of being your own boss, with all the perks, without the commitment of making it your full-time gig.

Pre-pandemic, the side hustle community was rocketing, having grown 32% in the past decade. For some people, this gave them a holiday fund or paid for the nice-to-haves. For others this money has become as essential way of covering the growing costs of living. 

All About The Cooks has found the solution to starting your own side hustle

Living amongst us, talented people are making extraordinary food in their own homes, wanting to share it to people in their community and earn a bit of money doing so. And we know people are always interested to find new, delicious things to eat on their doorstep. Up until now, there has been so safe or trusted route to market for home-cooks wanting to sell their food to local people, and this is where All About The Cooks has come in, to help those who are unsure where to begin. Perhaps you love cooking (and people love eating your food!), but you’re not sure how to set up a small business, with all that it entails.

Connecting talented home-cooks to busy customers, our easy-to-use online platform takes away all the stress in between, providing delicious, authentic meals to people all over Bristol. The best part? We are enabling money to change hands within communities, empowering  talented local people to make money doing something they really love – so far we’ve put over £28k in the pockets of our cooks.  

There aren’t only financial rewards to this side-gig, as already our cooks are connecting with new people all over the city to share their love for cooking and sharing stories about themselves and their food, all while putting a smile on people’s faces.

Etsy is the perfect example of a thriving platform, paving the way for businesses in the sharing economy. The idea of independent sellers shipping handcrafted, vintage and craft supply items to people around the world is not one that that sounds feasible, but their glaring success proved otherwise, providing thousands of crafters and creatives with a sweet monthly bonus. 

"Since launching in Bristol, we've recruited more than 60 cooks. They've taken more than 800 orders and earned themselves £28,000 between them. That's the thing I'm proudest of." - Claire Ladkin, founder


Tomer, Bishopton

Tomer, based in Bishopston, is one of our talented cooks who spends his week preparing authentic Middle-Eastern food at home, inspired by his upbringing in Tel-Aviv. Having moved to Bristol for a more relaxed pace of life, Tomer found himself furloughed in the first lockdown, and following a neighbour’s plea to cook for them as they were tired of producing so many of their own meals, the idea for ‘Tavlin Kitchen’ was born.

"All About The Cooks gives me the opportunity to sell my Middle-Eastern food, as well as the ability to make money on my terms. Since I signed up with All About The Cooks, I've made £1500 cooking food for people around Bristol."

Since joining us at All About The Cooks, Tomer has been one of our best-selling cooks and now spends his spare time preparing Middle-Eastern feasts for many local, regular customers. 

"Tomer is a lovely guy, who went out of his way to make this meal really special. His food is amazing, with intense flavours, perfect execution and lots of interesting touches -- a tangy lemon salsa for example -- that take it to a completely different level! This was my first dining experience with All About the Cooks... and Tomer has set the bar very high!" - James (customer)

Check out Tomer’s ‘authentic and flavoursome’ Middle-Eastern inspired dishes here. If you, like Tomer, think you fancy yourself making some extra money from your home kitchen, start by reading more about how it all works today!

We have some very exciting news to share…we’re crowdfunding! 

Sharing is at the heart of everything we do at All About The Cooks, and we’d love you to share in our journey too. Now you can have your piece of the pie by becoming a shareholder of the business. 

We want to revolutionise the way we eat at home, and we’d love you to join us on the journey. If you’re keen to get involved, you can find our video pitch, our mission and team on our Crowdcube.

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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All About The Cooks is Crowdfunding

All About The Cooks is Crowdfunding

We're excited to share that we are raising investment on Crowdcube, and you have the opportunity to become a shareholder in All About The Cooks...

Why are we Crowdfunding?

We chose to do a Crowdfund because sharing and community is at the heart of everything we do, so, we want to give everyone the opportunity to own a part of All About The Cooks. Whether you’re a loyal customer, a serial investor or someone who believes in us as much as we believe in ourselves – anyone can join our mission and help All About The Cooks grow, and in turn help local people generate an income, whilst making home-cooked food accessible to more and more hungry locals.

At All About The Cooks we are driven by the vision of a future where it is easy to eat real food made by real people, wherever you are. It’s a vision which has community at its heart. Food is the catalyst which brings people together, to share, to celebrate, to show you care…

We all love home-cooked food but it’s not always easy to make that happen. So we created All About The Cooks, an online marketplace to buy and sell home-cooked food, locally. The best part? You can have a piece of the pie for yourself when investing in us through our Crowdfund, check it out below!

"Our Bristol pilot has shown that we are really onto something, so we are now ready to start to take All About The Cooks to other cities too…. and that requires some investment. Since community is at the heart of everything we do, equity crowdfunding is the perfect way to that. People who like our vision can back us by investing from as little as £20 to own a piece of our future, and share in our ambitious plans for our community too."

This investment will enable us to recruit more talented people and improve our technology so that, in the next year, we will be able to make delicious home-cooked food available in 6 more cities and recruit 250 more cooks.  

And we will continue to enable more and more cooks to sell their wonderful food to local people, throughout the UK. 

Milestones so far

  1. Proof of Concept – 60 cooks recruited, 800 orders & £30k paid to cooks
  2. Round lead by Cookpad – Japan’s leading recipe platform (100mn users, 70 countries)
  3. Massive social impact – money changes hands within communities
  4. No logistics, highly scalable, UK market £4billion+
  5. 100% 5 star reviews

" We will become the go-to place to buy and sell home-cooked food, like Etsy for food”

This is where you come in...

We plan to revolutionise the way we eat at home… And we’d like you to join us.

Find out about our mission, our team, and the investment opportunity on our Crowdcube page.

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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The woman behind the pizza

The woman behind the pizza

Meet talented pizza maker Laura.


Laura’s top tips for making the best homemade pizza:

  • Always stretch your dough at room temperature as it’s easier to work with
  • Less is more! Don’t overtop your pizza as it will make it soggy.
  • Cook your pizza  on a pre-heated surface (frying pan or pizza stone in oven) and at a very high temperature.

We  caught up with our lovely cook Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas,’ to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

Everyone loves a good pizza, so it’s not surprising that Laura has taken the Bristol food scene by storm. She originally started making pizza as a lockdown hobby for friends and family; but her passion for Italian food combined with a frustration of the typical takeaway pizza sparked the idea to bring authentic Neapolitan style pizzas to Bristol.

Originating in Naples, the true Neapolitan pizza is famous for its soft, well risen crust and exceptional taste. One of the keys to Laura’s success lie in her simple and authentic ingredients that ultimately speak for themselves. All her pizza’s use her homemade 24 hour slow fermented dough, the very best San Marzano tomatoes and premium Fior di Latte mozzarella. 

The cooking magic happens at Laura’s family home in Bishopston where she juggles three pizza ovens that can cook a pizza in under two minutes. Running a food business from home must be a challenge, but Laura keeps her family happy with unlimited pizza, and the best at that!

How would you describe the Bristol food scene?

Vibrant and full of amazing options for almost every cuisine. It’s hard to get bored with the Bristol food scene as there’s always places popping up and somewhere new to try.

When did you learn to cook?

started working part time in a pub kitchen and then moved to the The Bristol Hotel where I did an apprenticeship and gained an NVQ Professional Cookery Level 2 & 3. After my apprenticeship I went to America for 3 years, cooking in Florida and then in New York.  I have always had a love for pizza and I was lucky enough to learn ho to make Neapolitan style pizzas during my time in the USA.

How did you get into cooking?

I liked helping my Dad with cooking when I was younger as he’s interested in different types of food and ingredients. From then on I started trying out recipes and teaching myself.

Why did you end up focusing on Italian food?

I absolutely love pizza and so do a LOT of people so it just made sense to me to focus on it.

What is your favourite dish?

‘Bucatini Amatriciana!’ It is a traditional Italian pasta dish  made with tomato sauce and Guanciale (cured pig cheek).

What would you say is your signature pizza?

My personal favourite is pepperoni, red onion and pickled chillies. 

What has been the biggest challenge for your business so far?

Regulating the dough fermentation with the unpredictable British weather! In the hotter months you need to be careful your dough doesn’t over prove, and in the colder months the rising of the dough is a lot slower so you need to find a warm place for it to prove.

I love your branding, how did you come up with it?

I wanted to go for something simple that was easy to remember and I had to get my favourite colour pink there! Also, my sister is a graphic designer so I was lucky to have her on hand to help with the design.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting a food business?

I would say don’t wait until you think you’re ready, just try it!

Finally, what three ingredients could you not live without?

Garlic, tomatoes and salt!

If you are having a pizza in Bristol and it isn’t from Lauras Pizzas, you are doing it wrong!

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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Orange and cardamom biscuits| Recipe | AATC

Mireya’s orange & cardamom biscuits


Fancy doing some baking this Valentine’s Day?

Mireya’s biscuits are super easy, fragrant and delicious. The orange and cardamom work perfectly together,  and are a delicate surprise for the senses. Gift them as a romantic treat, or enjoy any day of the year alongside a cup of tea.



Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. 

In a bowl, beat the butter and sugar with an electric mixer or with a fork. Add the egg and mix until combined.

Add the flour, the baking powder, the salt, orange zest and the cardamom. Mix until a ball is formed, then wrap it in cling film and pop in the fridge for an hour.

Dust a flat surface with flour and roll the dough until it is around 5 mm thick.

Cut the biscuits using a cutter, or use a knife to make rectangles if you don’t have one. Just make sure to keep the sizes the same so they bake evenly.

Arrange them on a lined baking tray, making sure they don’t touch each other and baking in the oven for 15 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. 

If you want you can swap the cardamom and orange version for lime or lemon zest, it tastes delicious too. Enjoy!


Rating: Easy
Time: 1.5 hours 
Makes 12-15 biscuits 

“I developed this recipe after a dream I had. For days I tried to find time to make these cookies. Finally when I made them they were perfect, and everyone in my house loved them. I also managed to take some gorgeous photos”

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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How to eat real food this year

How to eat real food this year

If you make one change for the better this year, make it about eating more ‘real’ food.  There are no hard and fast rules about this, it’s just a good way of thinking about it. Making and enjoying home-cooked food doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. To help you make better food choices, here are some of our top tips and tricks to eating real food.


“ It's much better to eat real food cooked in kitchens, rather than products made in factories"

Our top tips to make home cooking easy

Keep it simple

Home cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. If you’ve had a busy day there is nothing wrong with going back to basics. A frittata or omelette can take just a few minutes, but can be packed with whatever you have in the fridge or freezer.

Small touches

A dollop of greek yoghurt and a tablespoon of toasted nuts and seeds will make almost any dish look great and taste delicious.

Batch cooking

If you are going to the trouble of cooking a meal from scratch, why not make extra portions to pop in the fridge for later? Or add one to the freezer for a time when you want a night off cooking.

Store cupboard staples

Stock up on the essentials; so you always have base ingredients to hand. Tinned lentils, chickpeas or beans are great to have in reserve and are a great basis for many any dish. Throw together with a can of tomatoes, herbs and a few veggies for a fab midweek supper. Jars of roasted peppers, anchovies and capers are also easy ways to add punch and flavour. 

Weekly favourites

Have a few easy and versatile recipes such as lentil dahl, chicken casserole and bean stew that you can easily serve up in different ways. These sorts of dishes all freeze well, so can be reheated easily.

Keep things in reserve

Fridge foods like halloumi and feta can keep for months in the fridge and are both incredibly versatile. Crumble over fresh salads, add them to stews or bake in the oven for a creamy finish. 

Freeze leftovers

If you don’t fancy last night’s dinner for lunch, pop it in the freezer and save for later. You can freeze just about anything- odd portions of mashed potato, cooked vegetables, slices of meat and half pots of things. All these leftovers can quickly and easily be added to all sorts of food and spruce up any dish. 

Discover new and exciting home-cooked food made by people in your neighbourhood.

On those days where you fancy a night off, our Bristol cooks are always on hand to provide a home-cooked feast for friends and family.

Easy classics

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with simple things like dippy eggs, cheese toasties or baked beans on toast.  These are all ‘real’ and nutritious, and make a great speedy meal.

Feeling inspired? Try Elly Pear’s freeze ahead Tuscan style cannellini bean stew that you can serve three ways to keep home cooking interesting.

This stew is especially great on chilly days, but as it uses really basic vegetables that are available all year round, you don’t need to keep it for the depths of winter.

Elly pear

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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A look back at 2021: All About the Cooks’ year in review

A look back at 2021: All About the Cooks’ year in review

As we enter into 2022, All About The Cooks Founder, Claire Ladkin, reflects on the progress of her mission to help home-cooks sell their food to local people all over Bristol.

Back in 2018, Claire Ladkin purchased a jar of home-made lemon curd from the Square Food Foundation. Little did she know that it would lead to the launch of All About The Cooks in Bristol, an online marketplace and innovative concept, enabling the city’s talented home-cooks to sell their food online, from the comfort of their own homes. 

With the mission  to make it easy for people to eat real food made by local people well on its way, heres a look back on the past year from the inspiring founder, a woman driven to create greater food connections within our communities. 

" When I look back at 2021, it pretty much covers the whole of the time All About the Cooks has been actively selling food made by local people”

This time last year

Towards the end of 2020 All About the Cooks launched its pilot phase to the people of Bristol, with three important questions:

  1. Do people want to buy home-cooked food from local people?
  2. Do people want to sell their food they cook in their own home?
  3. To aid future growth, will the business attract objective investors?

Despite inevitable bumps along the way, we are thrilled to say that the answer to all three is a confident YES! Bristol communities have begun to embrace home-cooked food, made by a local, right on their doorsteps. 

As you can see for yourself... the proof is in the pudding!

Of all these statistics, the one that stands out is that well over £25,000 has been paid into cooks’ pockets. This is money moving around within communities, enabling home cooks in Bristol to make money doing what they enjoy, alongside the other busy parts of their lives. The social impact All About The Cooks’ creates encompasses its values and is undoubtedly the driving force for Claire Ladkin

"Our part of this income is really quite a small percentage, but we have achieved 'Proof of Concept’ and are now ready to spread our wings elsewhere over the coming months."

Looking to the future

Food is about bringing people together, which has become particularly important in recent years. As we plan ahead for the future, our goal is to sell delicious food made my local people in several more cities across the UK, with many, many more cooks joining the platform. 

Cheers to 2022- watch this space!

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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2021 Christmas Gift Guide

2021 Christmas Gift Guide

It's time to ditch those last-minute, mindless purchases this Christmas. Forget all the rushed online orders for risky gifts and endless excess packaging. Giving the gift of home-cooked food is one of the most thoughtful (and satisfying!) presents to receive at Christmas time, but we don't all have the to get creative in the kitchen. Luckily our talented team of cooks have you got you covered for all your food gifts this year.

Everything you need to build your own house, including delicious homemade gingerbread cookies, an assortment of sprinkles and sweeties, and a bag of ready made royal icing. A great gift for creative kids (and adults!)

A traditional Chilean style fruit cake scented with cinnamon, clove, ginger and coffee and loaded with raisins, candied fruits and assorted nuts.
This pan de pascua would make a gorgeous gift with a bottle of Baileys.

A traditional Chilean style fruit cake scented with cinnamon, clove, ginger and coffee, loaded with raisins, candied fruits and assorted nuts.
Makes a gorgeous gift with a bottle of Baileys.

Elin’s ‘just add’ gift bags are a fun present for people of all ages. Choose from Kladdkaka (Swedish chocolate cake), or Franska Pepparkkor (Swedish spiced biscuits) and you can try baking something new at home.

Give the gift of festive family fun with one of Laura’s Christmas pizza kits which includes slow proved dough balls, semolina, San Marzano tomato sauce, Fior di Latte mozzarella, parmesan, Italian fennel sausage, pancetta, caramelised red onion, chestnuts, and fresh sage. 

Rita’s traditional biscuit gift bags bring the taste of Sicily to Bristol.  The almond piparelli make the perfect accompaniment to Sicilian sweet wine, and the croccantini are delicious with a cup of tea.

Rhiannon’s slow cooked ham finished with a festive sweet glaze and accompanied by a jar of spiced pear chutney full of Christmas flavours makes the perfect gift for busy friends this year. A great staple to keep in the fridge and enjoy during the countdown to Christmas.

Home-made stollen beats its shop-bought rival every time. Priscilla’s traditional German recipe includes nuts, spices, candied fruits and is covered in powdered sugar and marzipan,  finished in a lovely gift wrap.

Home-baker Anne makes old-fashioned crumbly fudge using a family recipe, as well as a delicious take on sourdough brownies. Beautifully wrapped in compostable cellophane, they both make great gifts for those with a sweet-tooth.

Let them choose what’s on the menu with an All About The Cooks gift voucher. Simply enter an amount, the recipients name and email along with the date you’d like them to receive the digital voucher and they can enjoy whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Merry Christmas from the team at All About The Cooks!

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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What’s in season? Our upcoming seasonal food calendar

What’s in season? Our upcoming seasonal food calendar

What could be better than fruit and veg at its prime? There is something very satisfying about tucking into seasonal and locally grown produce…

With British Food Fortnight 2021 around the corner, we thought it would be a nice idea to highlight the diverse and delicious seasonal produce that is right on our doorstep.

Running from the 18th September to the 3rd October, this national Autumn event takes place during the traditional time of harvest and encourages communities and businesses to celebrate what Britain has to offer through a variety of activities, such as cookery lessons in schools and exclusive themed menus in restaurants and pubs.

Why is it important to buy British seasonal produce?

More ethical and better for the planet

Not only is our food in the UK produced to the highest animal and environmental welfare standards in the world, but it also lowers our carbon emissions by nearly a tonne a year (to put this into perspective it equals a return flight from London to Boston!). One of the most salient benefits of eating seasonally is that we are supporting a sustainable British food economy. The accessibility of our supermarkets rarely encourages us to consider the environmental cost of food travel from one side of the globe to our market shelves. 

“I use ingredients from local suppliers and where possible use organic, free range, ethically produced ingredients.” Tomer

Tastes better

It’s no secret that fresh produce tastes better. If you have ever sampled a summer salad of locally sourced tomatoes, you will notice they taste much sweeter and juicier than those mass-produced we insist on buying from the supermarkets all year round.  Of course, it’s not just tomatoes – the same goes for British vegetables, meat and poultry which will be bursting with flavour in their prime!

Better value

More abundant crops and locally sourced keeps the price tag down. For example, have you noticed the lower prices and deals for berries throughout the summer months?

“Celebrating local produce is key for us, and we want to bring you the flavours of home while celebrating Bristol grown produce. We plan to bring you chilli sauces with chillies grown in our green house, fresh green seasoning from homegrown herbs and more” Liam and Shalimar

 Better for you

By sticking to your seasonal calendar, you’ll be infusing your diet with foods that are more nutrient dense and designed to support our health. Blackberries abundant in late summer and autumn are a source of vitamin C and folate to help boost our immune systems in preparation for the winter months. When fruit and veg are grown out of season, their natural ripening patterns are disturbed. Unfortunately, pesticides and preservatives are necessary to supply the demand of our modern food systems. By avoiding out-of-season produce, we can minimise our intake of these nasty chemicals. So…If we let nature do its thing, it can provide us with what our bodies need.

Supports local businesses

Buying British strengthens the domestic economy for local farmers and supports local businesses. Bristol boasts an impressive selection of independent food shops such as Five Acre Farm, Good Sixty, Ruby and White and Better Food.  Feel better about your purchases. WE like food with a story.

"I buy the rabbit for my Coniglio all cacciatora from Ruby & White, who source it from the Belmont Estate in Wraxall” Maria

So, what’s in season?

As the nights start drawing in and the leaves turn from green to orange, this time of year is arguably the most abundant period in the seasonal calendar. The transition from summer to autumn calls for a fabulous blend of late summer salads, laden with tomatoes, cucumbers, and beetroot, followed by popular hearty stews filled with leeks and root veg. 

Some of our top seasonal picks and dishes

Whilst this period is most famous for trees laden with apples, Halloween inspired pumpkin pie and humble root vegetables. There are many other seasonal foods that might take you by surprise…


Fennel has never been your everyday ingredient (apart from maybe in seed form). Its distinct liquorice- like flavour, often equates it to marmite: you either love it or you hate it?It is in fact incredibly versatile! You can eat it raw in a salad, roast with fresh herbs and garlic or add it to soups and stews.


Try Sabrina’s Zesty Fennel and Mint Salad. Available on Saturdays.  Or try David’s Spanish inspired Pickled Fennel Salad. Available Wednesday- Saturday.




An important member of the garlic and onion family but have their own unique flavour. Leeks are harsh when raw, but boast a lovely, sweet flavour when cooked. They work perfectly in tarts, soups, risottos and as a side dish.


Why not try a slice of the delicious Leek and Mushroom Quiche made by our cook Catherine. Available on Saturday’s. Or Priscilla’s meat loving Bacon, Leeks and Tenderstem Broccoli Quiche.




 These sweet and vibrant red fruits are best in late summer. Considered by many as the finest of all the berries, they are the perfect ingredient in classic English puddings and desserts. Fun fact: raspberries should not be washed before eating as this can dilute their flavour.


Try Ximena’s mouthwatering Milhoja’s Cake (thousand layers) made with fresh raspberries. Made to order.



Commonly associated with Mediterranean climates, a perfectly ripened fig is a thing of beauty. They are technically inverted flowers, that if left alone would bloom from the inside out! In the U.K. if you are lucky enough to home a fig tree, tiny fruits will begin to swell over the summer months and are usually ripe and ready to pick in late summer to early autumn.  They are delicious served in salads or turned into homemade jams and chutneys.



Vegetables to buy over the coming months:

Butternut squash, cauliflower, beetroot, cabbage, celeriac, chard, mushrooms, kale, tomatoes, rocket, kohl rabi, celery, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, peppers, sweetcorn, and aubergine.


Fruit to buy over the coming months:

Apples, pears, quince, plums, and blackberries.


To explore more of what our cooks have to offer, click here to discover cooks and food.


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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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10 Reasons to buy or sell through All About The Cooks

10 Reasons to buy or sell through All About The Cooks

We want authentic home-cooked food made by locals to be easy to buy wherever you are. Here are 10 reasons why you could benefit from buying or selling with All About The Cooks.

Why should I buy food from All About The Cooks?

1. For an authentic food experience

These are diverse dishes being cooked in home-cooked kitchens using family recipes that have been passed down for generations. We are not Deliveroo – we are about real food, conscious choices and authentic eating experiences.

2. Food safety

Your food is always safe – our cooks are registered with the council and have passed all necessary food safety and hygiene tests. We expect a 4 or 5 star rating.

3. Save time

We lead busy lives and shopping and cooking can be a hassle. What if you could still provide home-cooked food without doing either? 

4. Feel good

You can feel great knowing you’re still feeding yourself and your loved ones great home-cooked food made in kitchens, not factories.

5. Connect with your community

We’re building a community of home cooks who want to bring their neighbourhoods together by sharing food. Buying food from local cooks helps build these communities, and gives you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

6. Be a trailblazer

We’re still relatively fresh in the Bristol food scene, so why not be a part of the story and spread the word? You could be one of the people that knew us before we were ‘cool’. 

7. It's easy and hassle free

See something that takes your fancy on our Instagram page and have it in your basket in just a few seconds – it couldn’t be easier.

8. You can trust us

We are a cashless business, and all your details are kept safe. Better yet, any food you buy through All About The Cooks is protected by our Product Liability Insurance.

9. Discover new food

If you’re a curious eater, All About The Cooks gives you the opportunity to discover cuisines that you might not otherwise have tried before.

10. Confidence in our cooks and their food

We get to know our cooks on a personal level, so you can take our word for it. You can also see reviews from other customers, so you can be assured you’re buying from a reputable home cook who makes delicious food.

Haven’t ordered with us before? Get 20% off your first order with the code: SAVE20 at checkout.

Why should I sell my food through All About The Cooks?

1. Feel empowered and enabled

People will finally be able to discover you and your food, which is fully paid for before you get the order – which means no more no shows!

2. Make money doing something you love

Start that side hustle you never thought was possible and make that home-cooking dream a reality.

3. Be your own boss

You cook what you like, charge what you like and work when you like. How’s that for flexibility?

4. Share your culture

Diversity is vital in building communities where everyone can feel they belong. By sharing your love of food, you’re also sharing part of your culture with the people around you.

5. Join the community of cooks

We want you to feel like you’re part of your own community of cooks. You’ll be added to a Facebook group where you can share tips, tricks and menu ideas with other like-minded individuals, and make friends too. 

6. We give you a platform

There’s no need for your own website (which can be tricky and costly), and you benefit from all our marketing resources. We want to give you a platform to help people find your delicious food. 

7. We're always here to help

We can give you confidence around food safety and creating a menu you’re proud of, and are always on call to help.

8. Work with food, without the pressure

You don’t need to work weekends / evenings if you don’t want to, which is unusual in the food industry. You can use the platform to develop new recipes and skills as a cook, without the pressure.

9. Have a role within your community

There’s no better feeling than putting smiles on the faces of your neighbours by sharing your food with them. Delicious meals make people happy!

10. Be part of the home-cooking revolution

We are offering an authentic and unique experience for people and you can be one of the first people to be a part of it.

Want to become a cook? Let’s chat.

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The woman behind the pizza

We caught up with our lovely cooks Laura, who is the proud owner of the award-winning ‘Laura’s Pizzas’, to hear more about her business and love of Italian food.

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