We’re supporting the MAZI project this December

the mazi project
All commission earned in the month of December is being donated to the MAZI project!

What is the MAZI project?

The MAZI project is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that is taking big leaps in tackling food inequality in the city of Bristol. By making connections between disadvantaged young people and Bristol’s rich food culture, they hope to empower disadvantaged young people with the skills, knowledge and ingredients to live a healthy and well-nourished lifestyle.

For example, each week, the organisation deliver their aMAZIng meal boxes to disadvantaged young people in Bristol. These boxes include some great things, such as recipes, ingredients and surprise treats that give individuals the opportunity to experience some of flavours and skills that many take for granted.

The power that food possesses to connect people is something that we have experienced here at All About the Cooks – and it is something that the MAZI project also recognise (mazí – meaning together in Greek). Their mission resonates with us – which is why… we will be donating 100% of our commission to the organisation this December! 

That means that with every product or meal you purchase through us this month, you are helping get fresh, sustainable and nutritious food to 16-25 year olds facing food poverty. 

But we’re not the only ones supporting the MAZI project this Christmas!

The MAZImas Food & Drink Trail

The creative minds behind the MAZI project have come up with the brilliant idea to partner up with some of Bristol’s best indie businesses and cafes, to form the MAZImas Food & Drink Trail!

The trail is a map of all of the independent businesses that are supporting the MAZI project this winter. Colour coded are the different ways in which the different businesses involved are opting to support the project.

As you can see, we’re on their map in yellow. As mentioned, that is because we have pledged to donate 100% of our commission earned in December to the organisation. Others have chosen to donate %’s of products or sales, add donations to bills or donate prizes to raise funds.

We think the MAZI project has developed a great way to enable people to support local independent businesses while also supporting such a great cause.

the mazi project

How can you help us help them?

Simply put, the more we sell, the more we are able to donate to the MAZI project. Your purchase directly makes a difference to disadvantaged young people’s lives, whilst also having a profound impact on others in the community… our cooks!

The money being donated from each sale is not coming from our cooks, its coming from our portion of our cooks’ sales. This means that our wonderful home-cooks will still earn the same from each sale!

So, if you have been wondering how you are able to support your local community while also treating your tastebuds this winter, look no further than All About the Cooks… 

One thing you can do is… find cooks near you, order what it is that you have been craving or try something new, and enjoy – not only the great food – but also the feeling of supporting your community this Christmas. 

We’ve also just gone live with our Christmas collection!

We’re super proud of our cooks offering this Christmas. They’ve gone all out to bring you things like DIY gingerbread houses, Kringle Braided loafs, Roscón de Reyes and other exciting festive treats!

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