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In this current cost of living crisis, we've found a way for you to make some extra dough.

Cost of living crisis

 There’s no hiding from the staggering rise in the cost of living that is impacting millions across the nation, seeing the UK’s inflation rate rise at its fastest rate in 30 years. Unfortunately, the reality for many is that wage growth isn’t keeping up with these rising prices. The Office for National Statistics have reported that whilst wages rose between November and January, pay has still shown a 1% fall when accounting for rising costs. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has also driven costs even higher – with wholesale gas more than doubling. 

With record-breaking petrol prices, rapidly rising energy bills and our food and household goods all adding up, lots of us are left with the same question on our mind…

"How can I earn some extra money?"

Thought about pursuing a side hustle?

This rising cost of living is leaving many seeking opportunities to earn a bit of extra money on the side, now that the day job is no longer cutting it. Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular as additional work outside of the 9 to 5, allowing people to make money whilst pursuing a talent or hobby. 

Taking up a second job from your own home may be the game-changer you need to take the pressure off. The best part of pursuing a side hustle is that is can be entirely moulded around your lifestyle. Imagine doing something you love, where you choose your own hours, and you get paid – bonus! It gives you the flexibility of being your own boss, with all the perks, without the commitment of making it your full-time gig.

Pre-pandemic, the side hustle community was rocketing, having grown 32% in the past decade. For some people, this gave them a holiday fund or paid for the nice-to-haves. For others this money has become as essential way of covering the growing costs of living. 

All About The Cooks has found the solution to starting your own side hustle

Living amongst us, talented people are making extraordinary food in their own homes, wanting to share it to people in their community and earn a bit of money doing so. And we know people are always interested to find new, delicious things to eat on their doorstep. Up until now, there has been so safe or trusted route to market for home-cooks wanting to sell their food to local people, and this is where All About The Cooks has come in, to help those who are unsure where to begin. Perhaps you love cooking (and people love eating your food!), but you’re not sure how to set up a small business, with all that it entails.

Connecting talented home-cooks to busy customers, our easy-to-use online platform takes away all the stress in between, providing delicious, authentic meals to people all over Bristol. The best part? We are enabling money to change hands within communities, empowering  talented local people to make money doing something they really love – so far we’ve put over £28k in the pockets of our cooks.  

There aren’t only financial rewards to this side-gig, as already our cooks are connecting with new people all over the city to share their love for cooking and sharing stories about themselves and their food, all while putting a smile on people’s faces.

Etsy is the perfect example of a thriving platform, paving the way for businesses in the sharing economy. The idea of independent sellers shipping handcrafted, vintage and craft supply items to people around the world is not one that that sounds feasible, but their glaring success proved otherwise, providing thousands of crafters and creatives with a sweet monthly bonus. 

"Since launching in Bristol, we've recruited more than 60 cooks. They've taken more than 800 orders and earned themselves £28,000 between them. That's the thing I'm proudest of." - Claire Ladkin, founder


Tomer, Bishopton

Tomer, based in Bishopston, is one of our talented cooks who spends his week preparing authentic Middle-Eastern food at home, inspired by his upbringing in Tel-Aviv. Having moved to Bristol for a more relaxed pace of life, Tomer found himself furloughed in the first lockdown, and following a neighbour’s plea to cook for them as they were tired of producing so many of their own meals, the idea for ‘Tavlin Kitchen’ was born.

"All About The Cooks gives me the opportunity to sell my Middle-Eastern food, as well as the ability to make money on my terms. Since I signed up with All About The Cooks, I've made £1500 cooking food for people around Bristol."

Since joining us at All About The Cooks, Tomer has been one of our best-selling cooks and now spends his spare time preparing Middle-Eastern feasts for many local, regular customers. 

"Tomer is a lovely guy, who went out of his way to make this meal really special. His food is amazing, with intense flavours, perfect execution and lots of interesting touches -- a tangy lemon salsa for example -- that take it to a completely different level! This was my first dining experience with All About the Cooks... and Tomer has set the bar very high!" - James (customer)

Check out Tomer’s ‘authentic and flavoursome’ Middle-Eastern inspired dishes here. If you, like Tomer, think you fancy yourself making some extra money from your home kitchen, start by reading more about how it all works today!

We have some very exciting news to share…we’re crowdfunding! 

Sharing is at the heart of everything we do at All About The Cooks, and we’d love you to share in our journey too. Now you can have your piece of the pie by becoming a shareholder of the business. 

We want to revolutionise the way we eat at home, and we’d love you to join us on the journey. If you’re keen to get involved, you can find our video pitch, our mission and team on our Crowdcube.

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