All About The Cooks launches in Bristol

After months of scouring Bristol, we've uncovered some of the city's talented home-cooks. Find out who's cooking in your neighbourhood and try something new today!

At All About The Cooks we’re on a mission to make it easy for people to eat real food made by local people. On the 15th October 2020, our website launched, and we are delighted to be able to offer those living in Bristol the chance to find talented people cooking wonderful food throughout the city.

Since the launch, fifty orders have been fulfilled and over £2,000 has gone into cooks’ pockets, plus we have a further 30 cooks hoping to join the platform.

Although, we are currently living in uncharted territory, and life this year has been incredibly difficult, at All About The Cooks, we know that we can still bring joy to one of the great pleasures in life. Eating great food.

Plus, for talented home cooks, keen to share their story and passion through food, All About The Cooks offers a way for people to make money (with some recent sign ups from those who have lost jobs in the hospitality industry) – whilst also providing important assurances to the customers who will place orders.

We strongly believe that All About The Cooks has the ability to create greater connections within the communities where we live and we feel there’s a real appetite for that right now.

We have welcomed some extraordinary cooks to the platform this year and already have an eclectic mix of cuisines from cultures around the world.

Whether you want to try something new, would like meals prepared for a busy week ahead or simply wish to send food as a gift to friends and loved ones, All About The Cooks brings a new option to the table. The coming months will certainly see the concept being tried and tested in a city famed for its love of food.

Interested to find out more. Read about how it works here

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