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South Indian Delicacies
all about me I am originally from South India, known as God's own country. Now I am living in the UK, one of the main things I am always missing is the variety of food we get back home. So I made it
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Reviews for Bijin

  1. 5 out of 5

    Delicious South Indian food!

    I was really excited to try some of Bijin's food because I am travelling to South India later this year. I was having some friends over who are vegetarian, so I ordered a selection of the masala's with appam, as well as a vegetable biryani and the prawn curry with rice (for me!) The vegetable masala's were so flavourful, and the appam made a unique, but very delicious change to eating curry with rice. The prawn curry was a real highlight for me though, Bijin knows how to cook seafood so beautifully! It was quite spicy (which we loved!), but if you prefer your curries milder, make sure to let Bijin know.

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