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Delicious and very traditional vegetarian street-style food. These dishes vary in size - some are big enough to enjoy as a main meal, and some of the cheaper items are great as a starter or side dish alongside a main meal, or to enjoy as a snack throughout the day.

  1. Pani Puri - small fried hollow dough balls (puri) filled with spicy tangy tamarind water and chutney. A burst of flavour! - £2.50 for 6 puri
  2. Dabeli - potato masala (curry) served in a soft bun, layered with with fresh chutney - £2 for 1 roll
  3. Vada pav - deep fried potato dumpling served in a soft bun, layered with fresh chutney - £2 for 1 roll
  4. Bahji pav - thick vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll and fresh onion - £7 for 1 portion 
  5. Chole Puri - popular in Northern India, this dish combines chana masla (spicy chickpeas) with a puri (deep fried bread)-  £7 for 1 portion
  6. Dal Bati - a combination of lentils (Dal) with hard wheat rolls (Bati)- £7 for 1 portion 
  7. Rajma Chawal - lightly spiced, creamy [unjabi style curry made with kidney beans and served with fragrant rice - £7 for 1 portion
  8. Misal Pav - a dish consisting of a spicy veg curry (Misal), topped with sev, onions and coriander and paired with a bread roll (Pav) - £7 for 1 portion
  9. Dal Pakwan - a popular Sindhi breakfast, made up of Chana dal (lentils) served with a crispy fried Indian flatbread (Pakwan) £7 for 1 portion
  10. Bread Pakoda - popular fried snacks made from bread slices, potatoes, spices and gram flour - £5 for 3 pieces
  11. Methi Thepla - a soft Indian flatbread, typical of Gujarati cuisine - £2 for 3 pieces
  12. Onion bhaji - an onion fritter, fried in a fragrant batter - £3 for 3 pieces
  13. Mix Pakoda - pakora (or Pakoda) is made up of mixed vegetables and fried in a fragrant batter - £5 for 7 pieces 
  14. Special Bhel - crispy puffed rice topped with mixed chutneys, onions, sev and chaat masala £3 for 1 portion
  15. Kaman Dhoka - a spongy sweet and savoury snack made with gram flour and spices. Perfect with a cup of chai! £5 for 1 portion
  16. Dal Vada - savoury, spiced lentil fritters made with dal, a very tasty snack - £5 for 7 pieces
  17. Sev Usal - a spicy curry with dried white peas, topped with sev and onions £7 for 1 portion

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