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Sourdough focaccia that is thick, soft and fluffy with a crispy top, made with olive oil and sea salt flakes. Choose your toppings! My favourite is tomatoes, mixed herbs and balsamic glaze. Depending on collection time and arrangements, focaccia can be collected warm out the oven!

  • Medium (~18cm x ~24cm) serves 3-5 people - £5.50 (plain)
  • Large (~22cm x ~20cm) serves 6-8 people £7.50 (plain)

  • None (olive oil and salt only)
  • Rosemary, black pepper and sea salt
  • Just cheese (cheddar, mozzarella or feta) +£1.50
  • Basil pesto +£1
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes, salt, herbs, balsamic glaze and basil pesto +£1
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes, salt, herbs, balsamic glaze and feta +£1
  • Roasted butternut, feta and sage +£3.50
  • Cheese with herbs, black pepper and chili flakes +£1.50
  • Roasted peppers, mixed herbs, and feta +£2
  • Herbs and olives (green or black) +£1

Please specify in the order notes if you have any special requests.


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Disclaimer: Allergens present will be highlighted in bold. As our food is prepared in home kitchens, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free of any potential allergen. Please contact the cook for questions.

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