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Fresh, homemade sourdough loaves. These can be ordered plain, or with speciality flours or with fillings (sweet or savoury).
      • 1 plain loaf - £4.50
      • Approximate size for oval loaf: length ~25cm, width ~18cm, height ~10cm. Yields 10-12 full thick slices.
      • Depending on collection time and arrangements, breads can be collected warm out the oven!

        Choose your loaf:
      • Plain Jane (Strong white bread flour)
      • Cotswold Crunch (Gives a nutty malty flavour with malted wheat flakes)
      • Malted Cotswold rye (Similar to the Cotswold Crunch but yields a darker more malty loaf with rye flakes)
      • Seven seed and grain (includes 7 types of seeds and grains: Organic Malted Wheat Flakes, Millet, Golden Linseed, Wheat Flakes,Rye Flakes, Barley Flakes, Oat Flakes)
      • Eight grain (Includes 8 different types of seeds and grains: Wheat, Rye flakes, Oat Flakes, Malted Wheat, Maize grits, Linseed, Sunflower and Millet Seed)

        Loaf shape:
      • Round
      • Oval

        Filling (only available in a Plain Jane):
      • None
      • Just cheese (cheddar, mozzarella or feta) +£1.50
      • Dried fruit (Dates, raisins or apricots) +£1
      • Nuts/seeds (mixed seeds or walnuts) +£1
      • Cheese with herbs, black pepper and chili flakes +£1.50
      • Roasted peppers, mixed herbs, and feta +£2
      • Basil pesto +£1
      • Olives - (black or green) +£1

      • Sliced
      • Unsliced

  Please specify in the order notes if you have any special requests.


celery | cereals containing gluten | crustaceans | eggs | fish | lupin | milk | molluscs | mustard | tree nuts | peanuts | sesame seeds | soybeans | sulphites
Disclaimer: Allergens present will be highlighted in bold. As our food is prepared in home kitchens, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free of any potential allergen. Please contact the cook for questions.

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