our values

what we’re all about 

Our values reflect who we are and how we do things

We’re passionate about food and cooking. We’re care about the food we eat and the people who product it.

We give power to make choices

We’re here to support home cooks with a platform and resources, and we’re here to help our customers discover delicious food being made on their doorstep.

We bring people together

Diversity is vital in building communities where everyone can feel they belong. We’re building a community of home cooks, and we’re helping bring their loved ones together through the sharing of food.

You can trust us

With all the necessary checks in place, order authentic food with confidence. All our cooks are registered with their local council and hold a 4 or 5 star hygiene rating for their home kitchen.

Real food by real people 

From the food and the people to the stories behind every lovingly prepared dish, authenticity is at the heart of everything we do.

Food is our passion