Forget about those supermarket party platters and impress your guests with a spread of home-made canapés. Decorative food from a variety of cuisines that taste just as beautiful as they look. Below is a sample of what we can do, please fill out the form below for further information and pricing. 


Smorrebrød (Scandi style open-sandwich)

Party size empanadas

Potato buns with salmon rillettes

Feta and tomato madelines

Mini arancinette (meat/veg/ve)

Samosas and spring rolls (meat/veg)

Aubergine balls

Red pepper & caramelised onion mini quiches 

Courgette & cream cheese strips

Pakora with chilli, mint and coriander dip 



NY style cookies


Mini chocolate brownies 

Vanilla fudge 

Choux à la crème diplomate

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