Lebanese Flatbread (Mankousha)



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Mankousha is a popular Lebanese flatbread, topped with za'atar (a blend of spices including thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds), olive oil, and sometimes cheese or vegetables.

  • Choose from the following toppings:  za'atar, cheese, a mix, or vegetable koshk
  • Best eaten hot straight away, but can be reheated at home

    Please specify in the order notes if you have any special requests.


celery | cereals containing gluten | crustaceans | eggs | fish | lupin | milk | molluscs | mustard | tree nuts | peanuts | sesame seeds | soybeans | sulphites

Disclaimer: Allergens present will be highlighted in bold. As our food is prepared in home kitchens, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free of any potential allergen. Please contact the cook for questions.

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