Group dining

Have a delicious, beautifully prepared sit-down meal without the faff. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for friends or in charge of a birthday celebration, catering for a bigger group can be stressful. Let someone else do the cooking and choose a delicious homemade meal from one of our cooks.

Middle- Eastern


Tomer has lots of experience catering for big birthday parties, weddings and dinner parties with his diverse Middle-Eastern inspired feasts. Rich, vibrant and colourful food that will bring smiles to the table, with plenty of meat, vegetarian and vegan options available.

Wedding party (30 pax)


Small Bites

Tel Aviv – Ramallah Hummus with chickpeas, parsley, za’atar and olive oil

Jerusalem Green Falafel

Nana’s Iraqi Sambusac filled with chickpeas, onion and chilli

Figs with fetta, pistachio and date syrup

Whole chargrilled aubergine Babaganoush style – with tahini, garlic and parsley

Labane with olive oil, sumac and za’atar

Flatbread with za’atar and sumac

Dongola Dolmades – vine leaves stuffed with rice and black lentils, raisins, herbs and spices

Burekas – Turkish-style baked pastries filled with aubergine, tomato and spinach

Turkish salad – tomatoes, peppers and olive salsa

Grilled baby zucchini with fetta and za’atar

Grilled beetroot with pomegranate syrup and herbs

‘Israbic’ salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, pomegranate seeds and parsley

Stuffed baby peppers with cream cheese

Braised green cabbage with yoghurt and sumac

Bigger Bites

‘Arahis’ – Lamb kebabs with pistachio and herbs

Stir-fried beef with onions and spices

Grilled chicken with date syrup and Dukkah (Egyptian-style chopped nuts)

Sweet treats

Basbusa – Orange Semolina Cake with cardamom and orange syrup and candied orange

Knaffa – Kadaif noodles with ricotta cheese and pistachio with cardamom and rose water syrup

Medjoul dates


South American

Nunzia’s artisan empanadas and tequeños make the perfect dinner to share with family and friends for a more informal occasion. Choose one of her many flavour combinations, and match them with one of her relish sauces and a delicious dessert to complete your Chilean meal. 

Catering menu (minimum order 30 pieces)



ARGENTINA – Juicy and finely chopped rump beef and free-range pork mixed with onions, boiled eggs,
potatoes and green olives 

CHICKEN FAJITA – Pieces of tender chicken sauté in a mix of well-cooked white onions, red peppers and
tomatoes, dressed with sweet paprika and fajita flavour

TUNA – Traditional Spanish Tuna sauté of well-cooked white onions, roasted red peppers and
tomatoes. Complemented with Spanish sweet paprika

VEGGIE PESTO – Festival of fresh and seasonal grilled vegetables complemented with mozzarella cheese and
pesto sauce

SWEET BLACK & WHITE – Caribbean style chilli black beans, topped with feta cheese and a slice of fried sweet

VEGAN – Organic wholemeal flour vegan dough filled with a well-balanced mixture of Sunflower vegan
mince, grilled carrots and parsnips with fennel and mustard seeds, garlic mushrooms and
spinach sauté in oat cream


Cachichos, tequeños and ham bread

CACHITOS TRADITIONAL – Soft brioche style bread roll filled with honey roast ham and bacon 

HAM BREAD – A delicious soft moist bread filled with honey roast ham slices, oak smoked streaky bacon, raisins and salty green olives 

TEQUEÑOS PARTY – White cheese sticks wrapped in pastry dough ready to fry until golden, fluffy and crunchy, meltingly delicious



ALFAJORES COCONUT – Assembled buttery cookies filled with dulce de leche and rolled in shredded coconut

ALFAJORES CHOCOLATE-  Assembled buttery cookies filled with dulce de leche, covered in dark chocolate and crushed pistachios

CINNAMON KNOTS – Delicious cinnamon and cardamom knots


Trung caters for private events of up to 20 people with a tailor made Vietnamese menu to enjoy at home. Fresh, authentic food that is guaranteed to make for a memorable eating experience.  

A taste of Vietnam (6 pax) £26pp


Fried Hanoi style spring rolls (Mince pork, mushrooms, vermicelli and herbs) (P)

Fresh spring rolls (egg, veg’s ,noodle and herbs) (V)

Bitter leaf springrolls ( Biter leaves, mince pork, and herbs) ( P) Serve with mango & pomegranate salad on crispy prawn crackers.


Cà tím nướng sốt mỡ hành – Grilled eggplants with sweet and spicy onion sauce (V)

Cá Nướng HOI AN style – Marinated Hoi An style baked cod fish with noodle, mushroom and herbs (F)

Gà kho là chanh – Braised chicken thighs in with lemongrass and lime leaveS (C)


Homemade caramel custard 

(key: V=vegetarian / F=fish / P=Pork

Indo-Trinidadian & Creole

Liam and Shalimar’s Indo-Trinidadian and Creole dishes will revolutionise your home-cooked food experience. Richy spiced and vibrant curries, unique pickles and creamy Caribbean cheesecake. A very exciting meal from start to finish. 

Indo-Trinidadian dinner menu (10 pax)


Geera pork, cassava pie and charred beans

Stewed chicken, macaroni pie and red beans

Tobago tofu curry, charred beans and coconut rice (ve)



Cucumber chow (pickle)

Pineapple chow (pickle)

Chilli Pepper Sauce 


Coconut fudge

Spiced rum cheesecake 

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