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Italian food and Sicilian street food
all about me Sicily sits at the true heart of the Mediterranean. As such, it is perhaps no wonder that the island’s cuisine is so richly diverse. It's the part of the world where I come from, where
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Reviews for Gina

  1. 5 out of 5

    A small piece of Sicily in UK!

    First of all, Gina is lovely person! We have had an excellent communication. We ordered Arancini and Pizzette which were simply amazing! All prepared with the original taste of the Sicilian food! Definitely we strongly recommend Gina if you want to have a Sicilian food experience. Thanks Gina!

  2. 5 out of 5


    We had the spinach pie, focaccia and tiramisu and it was all delicious. Gina was really nice and it was easy to order and collect. Overall an excellent experience!

  3. 5 out of 5

    I really love Italian food, having spent several happy years living in Sicily and many family holidays trying and enjoying local dishes. Having tried (and failed) to make arancini myself, I ordered eight from Gina, with two different fillings, and they were absolutely wonderful. The order was accepted within an hour, and was ready to collect in under two days. The arancini were carefully packed in two boxes, one flavour being perfectly round and the other slightly pointed, just as I remember them. They really looked like something you would see in an Italian cooking competition, all the same size and shape and a perfect golden brown colour.After a few minutes in the microwave, they were just at the right temperature, and biting into them brought back the best memories of sitting in a Sicilian café and wishing we could enjoy these treats when we returned home. The rice was wonderfully soft, and just sticky enough to stay in one piece when you bite into it. The ham and mozzarella was creamy and had a delicious tang without being too salty. The ragu was rich and tasty, clearly home made and using good quality ingredients. Everything stayed tucked inside the arancini while we ate, and the consistency of the fillings, not pouring out, or mixing with the rice layer is a tribute to the care and experience that had gone into making them.It's really as if the chef wants to make the food perfect for you. Without doubt these are the best arancini our family have tasted and we will be ordering more from Gina, as well as trying out the other dishes she has available in the near future. Grazie mille Gina.

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