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Tomato Sauce £3.50 – Our signature rich slow-cooked tomato sauce with fresh basil and bay leaf. 280g for 2 people

Wild Rocket Pesto £3.50 – Wild Rocket, walnuts and confit garlic pesto (VG)

Sage Butter £3 – Fresh sage, Malden smoked salt & lemon butter

Amatriciana Sauce £4.50 – A rich sauce that gets the name from the city where it was originated, not far away from Rome. Slow-cooked tomato sauce with Guanciale (smoked and cured pork cheek), onions, lots of black pepper & Pecorino Romano.

Campidanese sauce £4.50 – Slow-cooked tomato sauce with shredded sausages and Pecorino cheese (280g for 2). This is a typical recipe from Sardinia and was originated to go with Malloreddus or Sardinian Gnocchi. The stripes on this pasta make it perfect to retain the rich sauce.

Pink peppercorn parmesan cream £4 – Creamy parmesan sauce lightly spiced, perfect to match a vegetarian Ravioli or meaty Tortelli, and not overpower the special filling (26og for 2).

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celery | cereals containing gluten | crustaceans | eggs | fish | lupin | milk | molluscs | mustard | tree nuts | peanuts | sesame seeds | soybeans | sulphites

Please ask about allergens for each sauce!

Disclaimer: As our food is prepared in home kitchens, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free of any potential allergen. Please contact the cook for questions

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