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Our crowdfund has now closed and it's been a great success 🎉⁠
In just a month over 200 of you have invested in the future of All About The Cooks, helping us reach 121% of our crowdfunding target!⁠

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us, shared our message with their own network, and of course invested. This investment is going to help us grow our core team and cooks in Bristol, enabling us to launch to 6 new cities in the next year.⁠

Keep spreading the word, buying delicious food from cooks near you and keep an eye out for what we get up to next. Every day we are driven by our core mission that one day it will be possible to eat real food made by local people, wherever you are in the world - stay tuned to watch us make it happen.⁠

This Thursday at 12pm we're hosting a Q&A with Claire Ladkin, Founder & CEO of All About The Cooks. Claire will be ready to answer any questions about our Crowdfund and the business more generally. Sign up via the link in our bio to get access to the zoom webinar.⁠

If you have any questions you'd like to ask Claire, then please send them over to us in advance. There will be an opportunity at the end where we open the floor with any left over time, but we don't want to miss out on your questions!⁠

Please put any questions you have in the comments below, and we'll get them answered ⬇️ ⁠

Looking forward to seeing you there! 👋

It's #mentalhealthawarenessweek which acts as an important reminder to consider new ways of caring for our mental health, both in the particularly challenging times of our lives and the ordinary chaos of day to day life. ⁠
Poor mental health is an issue that can effect anyone, with one in four adults experiencing a mental health issue at some point in their lives. ⁠
More people are beginning to recognise the therapeutic value of cooking, and the impact it can have on improving mental health.⁠
Royal College of Occupational Therapists professional adviser, Dr Sally Payne, explains that cooking has benefits for health, wellbeing and social connectivity. ⁠

Cooking is a great act of patience, mindfulness and can act as an outlet for a persons creative expression. The outcome of cooking - hopefully something tasty - can help to raise a persons self esteem, and often gives them an opportunity to communicate with those around them through the sharing of food.⁠

Talking about the mental health benefits of cooking is important to us, and is a message we hope to keep sharing. It can help to build healthy routines, improve social connectivity and alleviate stress - acting as a great coping mechanism for many. ⁠

Has cooking helped you? Join us in the conversation and get people cooking for their mental health ⬇️. 🗨️⁠

We over the moon to say that we have hit our minimum target of £270,000 🎉 but we are not stopping now. We have chosen to accept further funding and leave the investment opportunity open for more people. We are loving giving the opportunity to our community to invest in our business because they believe in us.

This investment is important to us at this stage of our journey because it will help us grow 🪴 this means more delicious home cooked food available to more hungry locals in more communities 🍜

As a reminder, you can invest from as little as £10.63 and be a shareholder in All About The Cooks. We chose to do our crowdfund with Crowdcube because they make it easy for you to invest whether you’re a first time investor or a pro - this opportunity is for everyone.

Seeing the support coming in from our community has been a heartwarming experience for the team here at All About The Cooks. A huge thank you to everyone who has invested so far. And to those who are thinking about it, see the link in our bio 🥰☝️

Thinking about...cake for breakfast. Is that allowed? 🤤 ⁠
This coconut and cardamom cake with mango buttercream icing was baked by the talented @morusbakes and we can't stop dreaming about it. ⁠
Asking for a friend - do you dream of cake for breakfast too? If so, what is your flavour of choice? 😇⁠
(You can order this one from Stella via the link in our bio)

If you hadn’t heard already, we’re going live on Crowdcube very soon 😬😱
We’ve been so thrilled to see how many of you have shown an interest in our upcoming investment round.
Feeling left out? Now is your last chance to pre-register to get access to our private round. This means priority access to invest in All About The Cooks before we go live to the public.

Pre-register now via the link in our bio and keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days ...⬆️

Happy Easter Sunday! ☀️🐣
We used some of @annebatanero’s delicious homemade sourdough for our Easter Sunday brunch. Anchovy and lemon butter on toast with dippy eggs and the first of this seasons British Asparagus 😋

Want to make some extra dough? 🤔

The current rising cost of living is leaving many seeking opportunities to earn a bit of extra money on the side, and All About The Cooks has found a solution to starting your own side hustle.

Living amongst us, talented people are making extraordinary food in their own homes, wanting to share it with people in their community and earn a bit of money doing so. Sound like you?
Head to the link in our bio to find out more ✨