7.4 Share your menu on local online groups

Now that your online menu is live, you need to spread the word about your delicious food with people who live near you. They are the most likely to try your food and become regular customers, especially if you only offer the option to collect food from your house.

Facebook Groups #

There is an existing Facebook group for most neighbourhoods in the UK nowadays. If you’re not already part of the ones in your area, the best way to find them is to type the name of your neighbourhood in the Facebook Search Bar. For example, if you search for “Bedminster” and look at the “Groups” category, you find several groups where it would be relevant to post about your food. 

You can also try searching for groups using the start of you postcode. Ex: BS3.

If you moved to the UK after living abroad and cook cuisine from your home country, you should also make sure to share your menu with other people from your community who live in your city. This has really helped sales for some of our best cooks.

For example, I’m a French person living in Bristol so there’s probably people in the groups below that would be interested to buy my French cuisine! 

When you post about your food, make sure to include information about:

  1. The type of cuisine you make, including pictures of your best/most popular dishes
  2. The days of the week when people can get food from you, if you don’t cook every day.
  3. If you offer delivery 
  4. Where people can collect their orders. You don’t want to give your exact address at this stage, but people need to have a rough idea of where they are expected to collect their food.
  5. The link to your All About The Cooks page so people can easily order and pay online.

Here’s an example of what you could post as a baker:

Local Whatsapp Groups #

A lot of people now use Whatsapp to keep each other posted about what is happening in their neighbourhood. These groups are usually hyper-local and can even cover specific streets. So this is another great opportunity to show your dishes to people who live only a few minutes away from you.

If you’re not already part of your local Whatsapp Groups you could:

> Ask your neighbours if they know whether one already exists
> Ask on local Facebook groups if people know of the existence of local Whatsapp groups and ask by DM if you can be invited to them
> If none seem to exist where you live, you might want to consider creating one. Then drop a simple note about it in your neighbours’ mailboxes to encourage them to join.

The power of repetition & word of mouth #

Like everything you try to promote your food business, remember you need to do this regularly for people to remember what you make and order your food. People have busy lives and the first time you post about your food may not be the right time for them to try it. So make sure you post regularly to keep it at the front of people’s mind.

We recommend posting in these local groups once every 2 weeks, but no more than once a week. By posting regularly, you increase your chances of people seeing you, remembering you, ordering from you and even becoming regular customers as people will still need these reminders once they’ve already tried your food.

Once people have ordered from you from a Facebook or Whatsapp group, encourage them to share a review about your food on these groups. 91% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (source trustpulse – January 2024) so this will reassure potential new customers and encourage them to order from you.

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