7.2 How to create an Instagram account

Why should I use Instagram? #

Creating your account gives you the chance to invite everyone whose number is saved in your phone to follow you. This way you can regularly remind your friends and family of the delicious food you make and encourage them to order.

It also enables you to be seen by local people who could be interested in your food. Make sure to use local hashtags so your images are seen by the right people (more on this below).

How to create an account #

First, download the application on your phone, in the same way you’ve installed your other apps. Then simply follow the steps below.

What to write in your bio #

Once you’ve created your account, it’s important to tell people more about what you do: the type of cuisine you cook, if you collect or only accept collections, an most importantly show the link to your All About The Cooks page so people can order from you in just a few clicks.  Watch the video below to see how to set this up. 

How to use Instagram #

Whenever you post something new, remember to add @allaboutthecooks in the ‘Tag people’ section. This way we will be notified and might reshare your post on the All About The Cooks account!

Don’t forget also to share your 25% discount code in your posts and stories to encourage people to try your food. The cost of the discount is be covered by All About The Cooks so you still get paid as usual. Feel free to use the image below so you can share it easily. 

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