1.3 How do I get paid?

Getting paid after an order is placed #

As soon as a customer places an order on our website for some of your delicious food, the money is held in your Stripe account. If you have not yet connected with Stripe, please follow these instructions to get set up, or you will not get paid for any orders you receive. 

You will then receive a payout from Stripe into your bank account within the next 3-5 days, with our *commission already deducted. Please be aware that it can take up to 7 days to receive your first payout through Stripe for security reasons. 

You will receive payment for individual orders, so you should know the order that payment refers to based on the value. However, if you receive more than one order on the same day, and/or consecutive days, you may receive one payment for multiple orders together, 

*0% for the first two months, 6% thereafter. 


Discount codes & gift vouchers #

We run discount codes on marketing campaigns throughout the year to get more orders for you. You might notice codes like ‘HOMECOOK25’ or ‘WELCOME25‘ used on your orders, and therefore deducted from your total order value.

We don’t want this to be a cost to our cooks, so we pay for this discount – it is not deducted from your total order earnings. 

We reimburse all cooks the total discount amount, minus our 6% commission. This is not paid through Stripe with the rest of the order total, but once a week (on a THURSDAY) via bank transfer. Please keep an eye out for these transactions.  

Some of our customers might also pay for their order using gift vouchers. The value of the order that is paid for using a gift voucher will also be reimbursed by our team via bank transfer

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