7.1 Taking good photos of your food

Great looking pictures of your food are a really important part of growing your food business and getting orders. People eat with their eyes, so if it doesn’t look good, people won’t want to eat it!

You don’t need a fancy camera or any professional equipment to take good food photos – most smartphones will do a great job! Here are our top tips to getting those tasty shots: 

  • LIGHTING: Always use natural lighting rather than artificial lighting (avoid flash at all costs!) Find a nice source of diffused natural light, such as by a window. 
  • PROPS: Try and tell a story about your dish through the photograph, by using props, like napkins and cutlery. 
  • COLOUR: Get creative and use ingredients and garnishes to brighten up your photos. Look for colourful herbs, chillies and flowers for that pop of colour. 
  • PERSPECTIVE: try and give a clear indication of portion sizes (as your food will be sold), with your camera angle. Try taking your photo from above with plenty of surrounding space, as well as with props for scale. 
  • EDITING: Instagram and most smart phones all have great editing tools, so never be afraid to brighten, lighten and add some contrast to make your pictures stand out!

cucumber tomato salad1
Croissants_Sam Hayward

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